You know those cool, electric, not-really-hoverboards that celebrities started stunting with last year and now everybody has one? Well, you can no longer ride your self-propelling scooter around New York City. According to Gothamist, the 26th Precinct of the NYPD recently disclosed that “the electric hoverboard is illegal as per NYC Admin. Code 19-176.2.” The tweet, however, has since been removed, leaving some confusion regarding the law.

The questioning comes surrounding what is classified as a motorized scooter, as per the aforementioned code’s suggestion:

“For purposes of this section, the term ‘motorized scooter’ shall mean any wheeled device that has handlebars…” — the hoverboards do not have handlebars.

“For the purposes of this section, the term ‘motorized scooter’ shall not include electric powered devices not capable of exceeding fifteen miles per hour…” — the hoverboards have a max speed of 6 mph.

To clarify the confusion, NYC Department of Transportation have expained that the electric hoverboard is illegal because it’s considered a motor vehicle that cannot be registered with the DMV, therefore it’s prohibited by law.

Anyone caught riding a hoverboard in NYC will be fined $500 USD.

Our only question is, is Lexus’s real hoverboard okay to ride?

Not NYC, not LA.

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