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Opened just two weeks ago, The Hill-Side’s new flagship stands just a few walks down from the brand’s offices in South Williamsburg. The former Joinery space is now occupied by the label’s expanded collection of clothing, fabric accessories, Japan-made sneakers and homewares as well as an edited curation of third party brands like Phigvel, Kaptain Sunshine and Woolwich.

While the shop is a humble space, it’s packed with carefully thought-out design features. Every fixture and display table has been designed by Emil Corsillo himself with Studio Tack, and custom produced by Wintercheck Factory, both local Brooklyn names. They are all modular and boast multiple functionalities, like tables that can turn into seating when the shop hosts a party.

The Hill-Side’s New York roots and close ties to Japan are both well-represented, most notably in the form of its signage. A ceramic tile mosaic by Serpentile — a husband-and-wife duo who restores NYC subway mosaics — takes up the entrance way, coupled with a Japanese indigo “noren” curtain that simply bears the word, “the.” Corners of the store display Japanese ceramics that seem better fit for a museum.

You can visit the store at the address below and see more looks inside here.

263 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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