New York City and Brooklyn were points of interest this week on Selectism. For our weekly Staff Selections today, we look within the walls of Williamsburg retail build-outs — The Hill-Side and Levi’s — and across the river to UNIS celebrating 15 years as a line and shop. We leave New York and head to Detroit to explore Shinola’s new Cassius Clay collection and to the mountains to ski and ride in Giro and Topo Design’s new collaborative collection. Catch up on the week that was right now.

Matthew Miller, Nowhere & More on the Designer-Buyer Relationship

London correspondent Jason Dike sat down in Dublin recently to discuss the relationship of fashion designers and retailers. The two-hour talk featured designers Matthew Miller, Rory Parnell-Mooney and Bonagrew’s Olivia Hartigan. While it was not captured for on-demand viewing, you can still read Mr. Dike’s thoughts on the conversation.


15 Years of UNIS Editorial

UNIS has long been a staple of New York’s retail scene and with 15 years under its belt, 2016 looks to be a compelling year for the brand. This editorial bookends the first 15 with a four-piece anniversary collection that sets the tone for 2016 and beyond.


Topo Design & Giro Collaborate on Outdoor Adventure Gear

Topo Design does outdoor gear good and so does Giro. So why not come together for the snow season with helmets, goggles and bags that show their love of everything snow? One of our favorite collections this year.


First Look at Shinola’s Full Muhammad Ali Collection

While Shinola’s “Great Americans” series is not the first to celebrate the career of Cassius Clay (No Mas did it some years back), it is the first to do it with timepieces. Alongside two commemorative Shinola watches, one for men and one for women. The collection also features collaborative works with Sleepy Jones and more.


Selectism Visits | “the” Shop To Be – The Hill-Side’s New Brooklyn Flagship

The Hill-Side’s ew flagship store in Brooklyn is a modest space but one filled with fantastic items that connect the dots between the brand’s New York roots and its love of Japan. Stop on by for a hello and tell them Selectism sent you.


Levi’s Releases an Ultra-Limited “Authorized Vintage” Collection for New Brooklyn Store

Visitors to Levi’s Brooklyn Store can get their hands on a great collection of “Authorized Vintage” goods from the San Francisco denim maker. The collection is exclusive to the shop, so be sure to stop in on your next Williamsburg outing.


Filson’s Holiday 2015 Collection

Gift shopping this week? Consider Filson and its holiday collection that grips you into everything from gloves to expensive knives. The highlights on the collection are the knits,  produced by British Columbia’s Cowichan tribe.


Winter Session Lookbook 005

The husband and wife duo that design and produce Colorado’s Winter Session line are back with “Lookbook 005” featuring canvas and leather travel bags that are clean and gift-ready.


Knickerbocker MFG Launches the Skateboard Project

As Thomas Welch tells us, “In collaboration with Side Project Skateboards, Knickerbocker worked up collection of decks inspired by the iconic ‘Post No Bills’ stencils found throughout New York City. Each deck was handcrafted in Houston, Texas from recovered North American maple wood and then dyed using 100% natural indigo.”


The Architecture School Survival Guide Wants to Make Learning Easier

Dear aspiring architecture students: here’s your survival guide for making it through your first year. Learn from an architecture school lecturer as he fills you in on tips to make your journey a bit easier.

Managing Director N.A.

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