Once again, it’s that special day to reflect, fill your face with turkey, and give thanks for family, friends, and the past 12 months of #litness.

Often the Highsnobiety world moves too quickly to keep up, so given the time of year, we decided to slow things down and count our blessings.

On this occasion, it’s totally acceptable to gorge yourself on stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, then pass out for 12 hours in a tryptophan-induced coma, but before you do that, take a minute to give thanks to the most high for a memorable year.

Here are 10 things that we at Highsnobiety are thankful for…

…the ability to customize almost any sneaker.

Since we designed a custom “Made in USA” New Balance 990 a year ago, the sneaker customization wave certainly hasn’t broken. Many of the biggest names in the game are offering programs that allow sneakerheads to personalize their dream pair, including NIKEiD, miadidas, YourReebok and more.

Moreover, creating a 1-of-1 pair of sneakers in 2015 won’t hurt your wallet too much.

…Uber sneaker delivery.

Getting kicks delivered right to your door via black car is an exciting prospect for any sneakerhead, and hopefully Ronnie Fieg’s genius initiative alongside Shopify and UBER earlier this year will pave the way for more brands and boutiques to offer premium services like this.

…Fetty Wap hooks.

Fetty Wap’s infectious hooks have echoed loudly through the hip-hop world in 2015. Although it’s been an insane year for hip-hop in general – withstanding the delayed release of SWISH (or whatever it’s called at this point) – “679” is still firmly stuck in our heads months after it cleared the Billboard charts.

…Netflix & Chill.

Never has it been more socially acceptable to veg on a sofa in front of your TV, gratuitously binge-watching entire seasons with a significant other or by yourself, because there’s nothing wrong with that.

Netflix delivered a number of smash hits this year, not limited to Narcos, Master of None, and House of Cards. Cementing the phrase’s cultural relevance, even Opening Ceremony produced a “Netflix and Chill” editorial.

…marijuana-infused turkeys.

Let’s be honest, cannabis has been a touchy subject for way too long and it’s finally becoming a more socially acceptable topic. Some heroes on the internert are even breaking tradition by cooking their Thanksgiving turkeys with a measure of special seasoning.

…Drake memes.

The lovable Canadian 6God stayed winning all year long, and in the often testosterone-driven world of hip-hop, it’s refreshing to see that Drake maintains a sense of humor about himself. Frankly, Drake does a better job of poking fun at himself than we do. What a time to be alive.

…sneaker data.

Never has it been easier to identify and track trends in the sneaker world. Wondering about Nike’s command of the resell market? Read about it here. Curious to know if your kicks are depreciating over time? Click here. Want to know how Nike reselling prices stack up against adidas? Check it out.

…Bieber finally becoming cool.

Not only has Justin Bieber’s style evolution become highly apparent in the last year or so, but the megastar seems to have grown out of egging houses and drag racing in Lamborghinis. Best of all, his latest studio album Purpose actually impressed us. Is Biebs really turning over a new leaf?

…the force being awakened.

We’re hoping this new Star Wars reboot will quell our lingering disappointment from The Hobbit. Based on trailers, the new installation in the franchise seems to be a verified banger, and if anyone can be tasked with reviving the films for a new audience, it would be J.J. Abrams, the man who directed Star Trek in 2009.

…new emojis.

When a new emoji set was introduced this year, our collective emotional range as human beings was opened up to new depths that no one knew existed. Lord knows we’ve waited too long for a taco emoji to accompany the lonely peach and eggplant.

…2015 generally being so damn lit.

Kanye announced his presidential bid, gay marriage was legalized, and we made a shoe with Ronnie Fieg. There’s no question about it, this year has been fully lit.

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