In this week’s edition of Friday Feuds there’s model misbehavior, eggplant outlines, and a prophet of Brooklyn rap goes toe-to-toe with Slim Jesus.

Lil Wayne vs. Trukfit Model

Lil Wayne has had a tough few months in the courts. Between his ongoing legal dispute with one-time mentor Birdman and a few other legal woes, Weezy’s gravy train seems to be headed toward disaster.

Most recently a model named Shanise Taylor is piling on to the list of people who have a bone to pick with Tunechi. She’s suing the artist’s clothing brand Trukfit for the unlicensed use of her image. Taylor is asking that the shirt she appears on be discontinued as well as asking for unspecified damages for the humiliation it caused.

Pusha T vs. Contemporary Rap Music

Ahead of the release of his album Darkest Before DawnPusha T sat down with Billboard Magazine and had a few choice words to say about the state of contemporary rap music. The emcee maintained that these days he feels musicians tend to complain and victimize themselves unlike the greats he looked up to…

Maino vs. Slim Jesus

Brooklyn-born rapper Maino recently sat down with DJ Smallz to discuss music, artistry, and Slim Jesus? The delicately built, younger emcee became a topic of conversation when Maino began discussing why he felt it was detrimental to give artists who emulate lifestyles they know nothing about a platform. Slim Jesus has stoked the ire of a few other rappers for the same reason.

It will be interesting to see if he ever responds to the commentary surrounding his rise to popularity.

The Game vs. Instagram

Every since “eggplant Friday” became a thing, some male celebrities haven’t been able to resist sharing the family jewels. Case in point: The Game.

While quite a few fans found themselves on the receiving end of the eggplant outline they’d been dreaming of, Instagram was far less enthused. The platform is currently seeking to force the rapper to take down the pictures, claiming they are explicit in nature.

Since his Instagram is still working at the moment, The Game took to social media to address the claims.

KRS-One vs. LL Cool J

Last week in Pittsburgh, KRS-One unloaded some shade towards a fan that had engaged in a rap battle. The multi-layered read unintentionally took aim at more than the bucket-hat wearing fan whose sartorial choices seemed to be inspired by everyone’s favorite ladies’ man, LL Cool J.

Trying to be on LL’s dick and LL’s whack,” the emcee rhymed in reference to the fan’s headwear. Any potential beef between two old-school idols ended up being squashed quite quickly as KRS-One issued an apology in the form of a freestyle the following week…

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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