Next up in our ongoing Meet the Muse series is Aleali May, who has been lensed by Allen Park in a variety of getups from the likes of Blackfist, Juun J, Vans, Rick Owens, Rolex, Helmut Lang & Patrick Mohr. To get to know Aleali a little better – to really meet this muse – we asked her a few quick questions.

Your first modeling gig?

My high school year book class, where I modeled some T-shirts I designed and sold through the school newspaper.

Your current 9-to-5?

My current 24/7 is

Your ideal Saturday night?

Hanging with friends or staying in; watching a movie and eating Oreos and milk.

Your greatest hidden talent?

I can Hula dance – like full-on coconut bra and grass skirt. I already have four years experience with Hula.

Your first thought each morning?

I’m blessed to see another day.

Your dream celebrity rendezvous?

Being styled in one of my favorite magazines by Christine Centenera.

Your favorite wardrobe item?

My Céline emerald green leather jacket.

Your top holiday destination?

Home with my family.

Your best piece of advice?

Every day and year we grow mentally, spiritually and physically. Through that time stay true to your core values and always try to find peace through every obstacle.

Your no.1 album?

It’s really hard to break down my favorite album, but my number artist is Jay Z. I would have to say the Black Album has tremendous potential to be my no.1. It tells such a great story.

Your personal style icon?

Barbara Martelo, Yoon, M.I.A. and Christine Centenera.

Your childhood hero?

My childhood hero was and still is my dad.

Your most treasured possession?

My most treasured possession is the mind. I’m steady with challenging it, opening it up to different experiences and focusing.

Your favorite meal?

My favorite meal revolves around something with seafood included.

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