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Sometimes the only thing that stands between our living spaces representing a sparely-designed abode or looking like a moving company commercial is our confrontation with too many options. This in turn leads to not making a choice at all.

Here’s a little lesson: Choice doesn’t always have to be a dirty word.

Fortunately, Earnest Studio exists to make decorating a more peaceful undertaking. Headed by American designer Rachel Griffin, who studied at the Design Academy of Eindhoven, the multi-disciplinary design practices utilizes modularity as its conceptual foundation, and offers a line of uniquely minimal pieces.

In having the ability to reconfigure so-called “fixed” or “permanent” objects such as a candleholder or a vanity tray, the consumer is confronted with an array of design alternatives within one piece. This ideology also helps the Netherlands-based company imbue its items with a fluidity that allows them to be used in a variety of settings. It’s comforting to know that having multiple choices doesn’t always lead to indecision.

For more information on Earnest Studio, visit them online here.

Words by boice-Terrel Allen for Selectism 

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