New rumors from China have hit the web today, indicating that Apple is experimenting with no fewer than five different iPhone 7 models. Although the release date is a while off, speculation on the net is pointing to a number of prospective changes for the next generation iPhone, and while some seem more feasible than others, here are several features that may be integrated into the forthcoming iPhone 7.

Goodbye Lightning, Hello Reversible USB Port

In place of Apple’s signature Lightning connector, the new iPhone could be the first iPhone to integrate a reversible USB Type-C port, a feature that is already found on Apple’s new MacBook. As many Android smart phones are also expected to also shift to the reversible Type-C in 2016, this could finally create a standard for smartphone charging.

Finally, Wireless Charging

It’s unclear whether this advent will be compatible with existing wireless charging docks (unlikely) or if Apple plans to introduce their own charging console (more likely), but if Apple waited this long to build wireless charging into their smart phones, they better do it right.

Multi-Touch 3D Touch…?

Combining two existing Apple features – the gesture-based commands like “pinch-to-zoom” with 3D touch from the latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus – this integration may seem confusing and impractical, but the idea of Apple adding more functionality to 3D touch is certainly exciting. Consider a two-finger simultaneous 3D touch to trigger certain commands.

Ever Better Photos With Dual Rear Cameras

Dual rear cameras on the iPhone would allow for optical zoom instead of the relatively obsolete digital zoom feature in the current iPhone range. This is something that Apple was rumored to be developing for earlier iPhone models, so it’s quite likely this is one of the more realistic add-ons for the iPhone 7.

Fingerprint Recognition Coming to Main Display

Adding fingerprint recognition capabilities to the main display screen only makes sense, as Apple could then discard the home button and fit future iPhones into a smaller frame, if they so choose. We already know that Apple has been registering patents that appear to coincide with this idea.

While you’re waiting for more details to arrive on the iPhone 7, hone your iPhone photography skills by checking out our guide.

  • Source: Forbes
  • Lead Image:Marek Weidlich

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