It’s been a busy week at Selectism. Between trying to enjoy the season and putting together gift guides, we’ve been a bit short on free time. Of course we’re not the only ones struggling with holiday-induced scheduling issues. If you’re in the same boat, scroll down to see all the stories you didn’t have time to read this week.

1965 Ferrari GT “Shark Nose” Auction

This week gave vintage car enthusiasts a bit of excitement as auctioneer Russo & Steele announced it was bringing a rare Ferrari to the auction block. The car in question, a 1965 “Shark Nose” GT, was originally owned by a Houston oil tycoon who would go on to found the New Orleans Saints football franchise.

Bites by Design | Eugene & Co.

Restaurant proprietor Tara Oxley welcomed us inside Eugene & Co., her decidedly homey, farm-to-table affair in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. While the eatery has only been open for about a year, Oxley’s food philosophy, decor, and customer service will surely yield much continued success.

New Knives and Brass Accessories From Poglia

As writer Thomas Welch puts it, “Poglia, if you’re unfamiliar, makes some of the best knives we’ve come across.” Recently the Brooklyn-based maker introduced a number of new brass accessories and cutting tools to its roster. Many are one-of-a-kind, so expect to land on the waiting list for purchasing.

Jeff Carvalho’s Staff Wish List

Every year around this time we get to share what things we have an eye on for holiday gifts, and beyond. Executive Editor Jeff Carvalho was the first to make his list (and check it twice). Click the link to see trench coats, classic shoe reboots, and all of the other items he’s coveting.

Paddle8 Gentlemen’s Accessories Auction

Paddle8’s “Gentlemen’s Accessories” are a constant source of sartorial inspiration. This time around the company offered some beautiful vintage timepieces — including the Presidential Rolex pictured above — as well as unique home and grooming objects that are only getting more good-looking with time and age.


10 Suede Footwear Options for Winter

We like the idea of suede footwear for winter, so we rounded up our favorite suede shoe picks ranging from shearling sandals to this season’s trend, Chelsea boots.

“100 Years of Color” by Katie Greenwood

Katie Greenwood’s aesthetically rich tome, “100 Years of Color,” offers a visual history of the 20th century. Greenwood has mined archives in an effort to discover which hues were popular throughout different periods of time. The information is offered alongside old advertisements and pantone swatches, both of which make great references for those working in creative fields.

Saigon’s Street-Facing Shutter Home
We were immediately taken with the convenience and creativity of this townhouse in Saigon, Vietnam. Its most unique feature is the fact that it uses oversized wooden shutters to act as garage doors that open directly out onto the street. In Vietnam this style of home is called a “shophouse.” Such structures were originally found in homes that conducted business on the first floor.


Behind the Scenes at Filson’s Restoration Department

We’ve been longtime supporters of Filson, and this short video that takes us behind the scenes at the label’s restoration department is part of the reason why. The employees are clearly passionate about what they do, and it shines through. Press play to see for yourself.

10 Holiday Gifts Curated by Field Industrial Design Studio 

We introduced Field studio in Chicago sometime last year. This year, we got curious about where industrial designers shopped for holiday gifts, so we asked the team to curate a design-oriented gift guide. We definitely want every single item on the list.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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