Instagram continues to surge as today’s premiere social media network, having surpassed 400 million users in late September 2015. Of course, your feed is only as good as who you follow, meaning a strong set of accounts is paramount in getting the most out of Instagram. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or simply eye candy, IG is packed with incredible imagery from all over the world.

Continuing our 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow this Week feature, Highsnobiety’s Will Nichols and Pete Williams chose another five of their favorite personalities on Instagram. Be it portraits, landscapes, architecture or fashion, each of these accounts share amazing photos on a regular basis, so you’re sure to find someone new to keep your feed interesting.

Read on for our latest picks.

@fauxly / Followers: 4,068 / Joined: around 2012

Follows: Tough! I’d have to say Ta-ku’s. He’s an amazing artist in more ways than one and seeing his style and creativity through photography is really refreshing, to say the least.

Favorite place to shoot: My favorite place(s) to shoot tends to be wherever there is no service.. whether that’s in the middle of the jungle or the middle of the desert, I like to get lost. The more unbeaten the path, the more appealing it is to me.

Footwear of choice: At the moment, my Air Max 95 Sneakerboots. They’re cozy, versatile, and therefore perfect to shoot in.

@weownthecity / Followers: 12.1K / Joined: A little more than a year ago

Follows: Definitely @BrianWillette, homie keeps his work consistent yet unpredictable.

Favorite place to shoot: Downtown Miami when I’m home, Chicago is my favorite city in the US though.

Footwear of choice: The Converse Chuck II’s forever.

@polkphotography / Followers: 12.4K / Joined: December of 2010

Follows: My favorite IG account that I follow has to be @cole_younger_. The reason i follow him is because I love his editing style and his compositions are unreal. His work has been a huge inspiration in my photography and it pushes me to master what I love doing.

Favorite place to shoot: Hmmmmmmm. I’d say my favorite place to shoot is probably downtown Los Angeles. Either from the sky or on the streets. There is just something about that place and its feeling of hustle. I just love it!

Footwear of choice: Thats a tough one. I’d either say adidas or Converse but if i had to say one in say adidas. Great shoes to climb the 6th Street Bridge in.

@brianwillette / Followers: 54.3K / Joined: about 3 years ago

Follows: @jude_allen is one of my favorite accounts right now. Jude constantly amazes me with his landscapes. There are a ton of great west coast landscape dudes out there, but he always creates such a dark mood with his that I can’t help but to connect with them. He’s a real G in life too.

Favorite place to shoot: NYC. Hands down my favorite place to shoot. I’m from Chicago and I love shooting my city whenever I’m home, but New York has an electricity that I haven’t found anywhere else in the world.

Footwear of choice: Nike Mayfly Wovens. I wish they’d re-release. I’ve had 4 pairs and I wish I would’ve ordered more. I completely slept on two of the colorways this last round.

@andrewhector / Followers: 81.7K / Joined: 9/15/2012

Follows: @resh510 – Never met him and only found him three months ago but he does dark and moody, but it’s clean and different and stays super consistent. I’d say djkhaled305 on Snapchat but I think we are talking Instagram.

Favorite place to shoot: Glacier National Park, Montana. I’ve visited 5 times over the past two years and I’m just getting started on all the places there are to see. And it’s close to Banff so potentially you could see two of the top ten most beautiful places in the world all within one week.

Footwear of choice: I’m big on comfort and New Balance always feels right. Waiting on the M996 Ski Pack to arrive.

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