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In a time where email, FaceTime, and Facebook are often the preferred method of communication, good stationery can feel pretty hard to come by. After all, many of us aren’t writing letters at the rate our grandparents used to.

Nevertheless, there are still stationers who are embracing the times while keeping traditional practices firmly at the fore. One such maker is Mark + Fold, and its line of paper goods is clean, elegant, and completely modern.

To craft its small but mighty range, the company sources materials mostly from the UK, and only uses responsibly-sourced paper. You can even find out specifics about Mark’s chosen suppliers on its website.

Additionally, the company does all of its binding in-house using a thread-sewing method and occasionally a thin layer of glue. This practice helps retain a book’s flexibility and also makes it fall open and fan out gracefully.

Learn more about Mark + Fold and do a little shopping here.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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