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Portable batteries and third party chargers have become a must for those constantly on the go and always on their smartphones. Looking to provide a solution, infinityPV — a company involved with photovoltaic technology and organic solar cells — has introduced a new portable battery charger that uses a retractable solar panel to keep your phone juiced.

Dubbed the HeLi-on, the solar panel, which is made from two micrometer thick cells, fits inside a sleek capsule and connects to a battery to store the energy. A USB port then allows you to charge everything from phones to cameras, portable game consoles, flashlights and more. In just a matter of a couple hours, the HeLi-on can collect enough energy to charge your gadgets.

The 2,600 mAh lithium battery is custom made to ensure the full potential of the solar panel can be channeled, and the LED charge indicator allows you to be aware of your battery level at all times.

For more information, as well as to support the project, visit infinityPV’s coinciding Kickstarter.

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