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Introducing Album, a Brooklyn based label taking a different approach to home goods.

Although the phrase “I’m dying to buy this quilt” sounds like something out of Golden Girls, my latest encounter at Kinfolk has me seriously intrigued by the same stuff my grandmother loved. That’s not so say the things she was interested in were boring, but my journey thus far has only led me down sartorial and musical paths.

Since 2013, Kinfolk’s Brand Director Jeremiah Mandel and his wife Syvan have been quietly building a brand. Humble quilts with a sashiko-influenced sensibility are the founding pillars behind the label they dubbed “Album.” A name, Jeremiah explains, that represents whatever the couple chooses to make. The first public release consists of blankets, pillows, rugs, caps, and candles, all created in the same vein as Album’s first quilt.


Items from the collection are a more affordable option to the original quilt, which can fetch upwards of $3,000. My favorite would have to be the photographic style “tribute blankets” which are woven to mimic Jeremiah’s initial inspiration. Each piece is hand finished with trim made from Album’s quilting endeavor leftovers — nothing goes to waste.


Seriously, nothing goes to waste. Remaining fabric is braided into necklaces that were nearly sold out upon my arrival. Pillows, baseball and bucket caps are also constructed from a patchwork style, rendering each a truly unique product.


The pop-up will run through Thursday, December 17 at Kinfolk. This a brand to keep on your radar.

Shop the collection online, here.

Words by Thomas Welch
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