Have you ever walked into a bar, ordered a drink, and felt like the bartender was trying to compensate for a failed art degree? Perhaps you made the mistake of requesting the “house’s special take” on a classic cocktail, and watched in dismay as they they spent the next 15 minutes assembling something that resembled a wedding bouquet in a glass?

Take the humble gin and tonic, for instance. These days, what was once a simple-yet-delicious rendezvous between gin, tonic water, ice, and your choice of lemon or cucumber (never both) has been transformed into something so needlessly complex that it should come with its own menu. This is not OK.

But fear not — there are some people out there who recognize the problem, and want to help do something about it. Watch the video above, created by Spanish professional bartender Andre Sousa, and see if you can work out where exactly things went so wrong…


Words by AJ Gwilliam
Features Editor

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