Every weekend the SL staff take turns sharing our favorite stories of that week. Since we recently said goodbye to 2015, we thought we’d start the first Sunday of the New Year with a look back at some of our favorite stories of the year. So without further ado, from Emrata to in-depth looks at the direct to consumer craze, here they are…


Jeff Carvalho

Emily Ratajkowski Photobook by Jonathan Leder

We’ve been tracking the work of Jonathan Leder for some years now. The
photographer is well known for his work with emerging models, many of
whom have gone on to big things. Case in point: Emily Ratajkowski. Many
of Emrata’s earliest nude shoots were done in front of Leder’s lens,
and in April of last year he released a 32-page zine collecting many
of those images. They are some of the rarest of the model in the flesh.
A worthy edition to anyone’s library.

5 Headphones We’re Using Now

Writers at Selectism have the unique task of covering just
about anything that is considered “select” or next level. In October,
I took a moment to discuss five of the most premium headphones on the
market – all of which I actively used day-to-day. Every headphone on
this list – from the $700 Audeze to the $129 Master & Dynamic- do a
great job of reproducing music in ways that go well beyond your common
earbuds. What’s great about this story for me was how well it
resonated with readers, who rightfully are looking for better not just
in fashion but in sound.

8 Ways to Get Stoned

As mentioned, we cover it all as long as it’s the best. Case in point:
Marijuana and all devices to help get you stoned. Our October guide to
the “high and low” of getting stoned did quite well. Perhaps it was the insight on
age-old classic blunt wraps, dug-outs, and more modern utensils like
mini bubblers and portable vaporizers. Marijuana is going mainstream
and we remain committed to covering the very best of the category.


Menswear’s New Love Affair with Homewares

Our man in London, Jason Dike, discussed the curious connections
between men’s fashion and the homeware market. From Ralph
Lauren to Rick Owens, it seems that fashion ramped up its home
goods output in 2015. The connections are strong, and Mr. Dike
explores them well.


Is Fashion Creating Too Many Products?

Mr. Dike ends the year with an insightful piece on output in fashion. It’s a much-needed look at whether quantity is more important than quality in today’s fashion
market, and if the demands of fashion weeks put too much pressure on
today’s top designers.



Stephanie Smith-Strickland 

Our First Sunday Morning Reads

Our office receives quite a bit of printed matter, which is fortunate because we all love reading. In 2015 we decided to share some of our favorite editions by launching  “Sunday Morning Reads.” It quickly became our way to let readers know what books and magazines we curl up with over the weekend.


Bites By Design | Cherry

In 2015 we also launched “Bites by Design” to staunch our curiosity about the relationship between a restaurant’s design and its food. We sat down with chefs and restaurateurs (like the guys at Cherry where the column kicked off) to find out how two seemingly divergent elements complemented each other and created a memorable dining experience.


Dirty Book Day Round Up

June, 11 of 2015 was National Dirty Book Day. In honor of the occasion we took the opportunity to shine the spotlight on seven of our favorite (tasteful) NSFW publications. From “Treats!,” whose publisher we sat down to chat with, to less loftily positioned titles like PureFilth, we had something for everyone.


Selectism Visits | Atelier Cologne

The science of scent has always been intriguing, so we jumped at the chance to go behind the scenes at Atelier Cologne. During our visit we learned what it takes to craft each of the French parfumier’s signature scents, and how the company manages to distill essences affordably.


Alaska As Seen Through A Smartphone 

Our Editor Jeff Carvahlo joined Microsoft on an Alaskan journey and captured every step of his travels with a smartphone. From snow-capped mountain peaks to dog sleds, and pristine waters, these icy views are incredible.



Thomas Welch 


Three Direct To Consumer Brands You Need To Know

2015 was the year of the “direct to consumer” startup. The number of new labels boasting the internet savvy business model is insane. Brands are challenging the traditional retail system, opting to sell direct to customers at a bargain price. Heard of Warby Parker?

Although bargains are great, the DTC mantra can quickly get gimmicky. Here are three brands that are doing it the right way.


Digging Deeper | Helmut Lang

This was my favorite piece from our features writer Jason Dike — he kills it on a regular basis. Honestly, I had no idea the level of influence Helmut Lang had in the menswear sphere. From pioneering raw selvedge denim to hosting the world’s first runway show on the internet, the former designer (now fine artist) has a lot to brag about.


Yayoi Kusama “Give Me Love” Exhibit 

When Yayoi Kusama opens in New York, we go. After an amazing show in 2013, the famed Japanese artist followed up with “Give Me Love” at David Zwirner this year. Kusama has an uncanny ability to draw mobs of art-hungry patrons to the gallery. This time around it was her polka-dot filled room that drew the masses and took over instagram. Good art. Good fun. Kusama is a favorite artist of mine and this show topped my list for 2015.


Inside Man of the World’s Concept Shop 

You may have heard of the niche men’s publication “Man of the World,” but did you know it had a dedicated shop in Brooklyn? The imprint is known for showing off rare furniture, timepieces and more — well this is where it’s all housed. Even if you can’t fork over $10,000 for a set of mid-century side chairs, this is definitely worth a visit.


Our Favorite All-White Sneakers for Summer 2015

This was one of our top hitting stories of the year and proves that the classics still draw attention. All-white sneakers are an essential for the warm months — we rounded up our favorites from 2015 including some labels you may have never heard of.

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