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The future of apparel is here. Imagine clothing that never stinks or stains because it’s self-cleaning. With ODO Denim, that’s now a reality. The brand presents the first-ever denim and T-shirts that clean themselves.

Traditional fabric allows water, dirt, and oil to adhere to the material and in turn require constant washing. ODO Denim features billions of microscopic peaks that reduce the contact area between water, dirt and oil when touching the surface. Potential stains then simply roll right off or can be washed off with water. ODO’s denim and tees repel water, honey, coffee and various other liquids.

Furthermore, silver-infused thread has been utilized in ODO’s clothing which repels the odor-causing bacteria that is a result of sweat. Thus, the denim and T-shirts also never smell.

For more on ODO’s groundbreaking denim and tees, follow on over to the company’s Kickstarter.

Not NYC, not LA.

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