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Diesel has always been a brand that played against the rules and as a result has produced some of the most interesting advertising campaigns over the last two decades. In a quest to bring the brand back to more relevance in the market, the Italian denim brand has hired artistic director Nicola Formichetti.

Last year, Diesel and Formichetti debuted an interesting advertising campaign, that featured ads that were radically upfront about their purpose. Speaking out loud what everybody was thinking anyways, that was the idea behind the campaign and Formichetti wants to take that to the next level for Spring/Summer 2016.

By working with its own set of Emojis, Diesel wants to communicate in a modern way, and also wants to go where its customers go nowadays. That means still to some magazines, but mostly online and in fact to platforms that a fashion brand would traditionally not be advertising on: Tinder, Grindr, Pornhub and YouPorn.

Peep some of their latest campaign videos below and look for their ads shortly on the above services.

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