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For a fifth generation family-owned business like Barbour, which has been around since 1894, the preservation of heritage is just as important as appealing to today’s notoriously fickle consumer.

Perhaps that’s why Barbour’s LC:M (London Collection Mens) presentation so pointedly focused on conveying the brand’s history in a modern context. The assortment’s “Night Watch” and “Ancient Tartan” categories were particularly dogged about re-imagining the Barbour archives.

“Night Watch” takes a page from naval fashion and even features jackets named after the eight bells traditionally used to regulate sailors’ duty watches. Yet another point of inspiration was the lighthouse Beacon that originally stood at mouth of the River Tyne; the beacon even made its way into several of Barbour’s earliest campaigns.

The “Ancient Tartan” part of the assortment also turns an eye to history and uses one of Barbour’s exclusive prints in a sophisticated new manner. Previously tartans were merely used as linings for Barbour’s hardwearing waxed jackets, and held more of a decorative appeal than considered sartorial choice.

To keep both collections firmly in the present you’ll notice that Barbour’s designers nipped in the silhouettes, creating a slimmer and more streamlined final look.

See a few of the best looks above and keep an eye out for the full campaign in the future.





Words by Staff
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