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Here’s our top six pieces of outerwear from LC:M Fall/Winter 2016.

LC:M has come and gone in a blur and right now you’re probably hate-clicking on a bunch of overdressed dudes awkwardly sitting near the entrance to Pitti Uomo. So instead of looking at another fedora, look at what you may have missed during LC:M. We’ve chosen our top six pieces of outerwear from Fall/Winter 2016 collections. Scroll down to have a look.


1205 is a brand that should be familiar to students of this site; we’ve featured them as far back as 2011. Paula Gerbase’s latest collection encapsulates what makes the brand so special. The use of specially designed synthetic yarns, nylon, and cord give the assortment’s fabrics a futuristic aesthetic that was appreciated in a sea of ‘70s-influenced shows. The standout for us was this overcoat, which, for unashamed product heads like us, is the sort of thing everyone should want in their wardrobe.

Matthew Miller

This season, Matthew Miller presented a standout show that converted people who had previously dismissed his collections as “just clothes.” Miller’s most covetable piece was undoubtably the above overcoat. The Baroque era-inspired topper feature a hand-painted canvas of Carravagio’s “David and Goliath,” which was then cut and sewn into a raw-edged overcoat. We’re not sure whether this will go into mass production, but if it end up in stores we’ll be first in line.



Much of the talk surrounding Cottweiler has been focused on whether it should be considered streetwear or not. Putting aside that streetwear might be a redundant phrase in 2016, Cottweiler’s true obsession appears to be putting clever new spins on standard materials. Case in point, this jacket. The near-sheer piece is lined in such a way the pockets appear through the outer layer. It’s certainly the sort of coat that will get stares from the uninitiated; that’s what we like about it.


 Baartmans and Siegel

Baartmans and Siegel have always loved a bit of fur, but this season’s Harlem cum Studio 54 inspired show was the first time it all made sense. Unlike with past collections, fur seemed absolutely necessary to boost the decadence of the assortment. For instance, this fur-trimmed camel bomber looks like what Canada Goose would make if they decided to go for sheer fashion over warmth. We mean that as the highest compliment, by the way.

Sean Suen

Sean Suen sometimes feels like a bit of an oddball compared to the rest of the LC:M lineup. Oddness of the permanently plastered, “Presented by GQ China” aside, there’s more than a few desirable pieces in the collection. This overcoat, for instance, is just the type of thing you’d give to a friend who was a few steps beyond Oliver Spencer but not quite ready for a J.W. Anderson chiffon number.


Berthold usually traffics in dark colors so burnt orange inevitably drew us in like a moth to flame. What can we say? We just think this coat looks great.

Words by Jason Dike
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