nic von rupp four cliffs documentary

“Four Cliffs” is the latest episode in the My Road Series surf docu-series, which features pro surfer Nic von Rupp. This fourth edition captures some serious surf spots as von Rupp joins fellow surfers Tom Lowe, João Macedo and Aritz Aranburu on a slab tour across Portugal, Ireland and the Canaries.

In the opening scene of the video, von Rupp claims “I don’t think about death,” which sets the tone for another adrenaline-pumping session, taking on some of winter’s biggest swells.

As the crew ventures to Ireland’s Mullaghmore – one of the notorious big wave spots – extreme surfers get a glimpse into some of Europe’s most untapped set of waves.

To see more surfers pushing the limits, be sure to check out California’s Jake Marshall in the video below.

Words by Jane Fayle
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