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Trousers have been one of the most important parts of menswear lately. The gradual shift to a wider leg is happening slowly but surely. As it occurs, we’ve also seen some interesting attempts at different trouser shapes, some of which work better than others.

Here’s our pick of the ones that did work.


E. Tautz

E. Tautz is one of the main pushers of the wider leg; this season was no different. While its wide leg jeans have moved from seasonal item to mainstay, the brand is still experimenting with trouser shapes, as seen with these pleated wool pants.

There’s room to spare, but not so much that you’ll get caught on things as you walk by (vital information for anyone old enough to remember the ill-fated huge cargo trouser phase of the late ‘90s).


Rory Parnell-Mooney

Rory Parnell-Mooney is one of the newer designers on the LC:M circuit but he’s already stocked by the likes of Dover Street Market, so he’s definitely one to watch.

Parnell-Mooney’s trousers veer from slim to shoe-drowningly wide. We’ve picked a pair that are somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, being just loose enough for anyone looking to dip their toe into the wide leg arena.



We’ll forgive you if you missed these perfectly lovely trousers at the latest Sibling show. Sibling love to give an actual show, which means sometimes the smaller things can pass you by.

A prime example of a calmer piece are these leopard print trousers with a slight flare. We’re aware that using the words ‘calmer’ and ‘leopard print’ in the same sentence can seem a bit oxymoronic, but it isn’t, really, trust us.


Margaret Howell

These round ups will always include at least one item of Margaret Howell. This time it’s this pair of trousers. While we like a leopard print trouser as much as the next person, we also like the simpler things in life.

People who go to shows expecting jolts to the system usually aren’t fans of Howell, but we can appreciate the smaller things — like a slight taper and side-tab adjusters on a trouser waist.


Christopher Kane


If you’re not quite ready for the wide leg yet, these Christopher Kane sweatpants are the ideal way to stay in your slim lane. We can’t quite tell the fabric, but we feel like Neoprene has something to do with it. The cropped length makes it ideal to show off your fancy $26 socks and classy taste in trainers.


Richard James


Wide leg chinos are the easiest way to get into the new wide trouser trend. While classic pants are all well and good, they can leave you feeling a bit like you’re auditioning for Casablanca.

These Richard James chinos are so casual you can wear them with anything without worrying that someone is going to make a “look here, see” joke when you walk in the room.

Words by Jason Dike
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