Where form meets function

Apple won’t be unveiling the iPhone 7 until fall of this year, but that hasn’t stopped designers from around the world from creating their own unique concepts. Countless iPhone 7 concept renderings continue to surface daily as inspiration and, for now, purely entertainment. But what would happen if someone took all the leaks and information about the iPhone 7 and created a visual concept, so that we could see what these “things” would actually look like?

Doing just that, the folks over at iPhone-Tricks created their very own vision of what they think the iPhone 7 will look like. Highlighted in the video above are key features that include a borderless OLED display and integrated Homescreen Button & Touch ID, iOS 10, the absence of a headphone jack, and a bigger battery.

Is there any chance the iPhone 7 will look like this? Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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