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Oakland-bred hip-hop artist G-Eazy has been flying up the ranks in recent years, first garnering attention back in 2011 with his mixtape, The Endless Summer. Now, nearly five years later, the 26-year-old emcee has a whole new story to tell, and while the game is ever-changing, it doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down anytime soon. Mixing unapologetic lyrics with indie-rap influences, G-Eazy’s sleek sound carries through on his latest album, When It’s Dark Out, which dropped last December.

Before kicking off his world tour with fellow compadres A$AP Ferg, Marc E. Bassy and Nef the Pharaoh, Highsnobiety caught up with the slick-haired lyricist to talk about his new album, the DO’s & DON’T’s of touring, and, of course, the ladies.

Looking back, what would be your 2015 highlight?

My 2015 highlight would be the album. I mean, that’s what I spent most of the year doing. I finished touring for the last album in February in Australia. When we finished [touring] we went straight to the studio and basically camped out for eight months and lived when it was dark out 24/7 for those eight months. I put the album out and for it to do the numbers it did and for it to be received the way it has – it’s a blessing, it feels good.

Eight months dedication is a long time – it’s like real dedication! So, you’ve done a couple of tours now. How many tours?

Nine tours and now I’m starting my 10th tour.

What are the DO’s and DONT’s when you’re on tour? With nine going onto 10 tours, I’m sure you’ve learned a lot from the first and last.

It’s like anything else, you learn as you go. You push yourself to get better at every aspect of it from the actual performance itself, to the set design, the production – through to learning how to live out of a suitcase on a bus forever.

The DO’s and DONT’s I’d say is knowing when to party. But I pretty much say fuck it and do it every night and end up hungover – it should be a DON’T, but it’s really not. Water is a DO. Pedialyte is a DO, it’s like super water. It re-hydrates the fuck out of you, so chug some before you go to sleep, wake up and drink some more and you’re back in the game.

I feel like that’s a pregnant woman’s drink…

Pregnant women and hungover dirtbags.

That’s a good one. So, you’re on tour with thousands of girls. How do you manage to balance the girl playbook – you know, just having this lifestyle?

How do I manage? It’s not for everybody. It’s not for the faint of heart.

I feel like it’s a strategy almost –  thousands of girls show-to-show every night. You know you can’t do all of them.

Not at once (laughs).

As we come into 2016, what’s happening and what are you excited for?

I’m excited for this fucking tour that started this month. I’ve got A$AP Ferg, Marc E. Bassy and Nef the Pharaoh. It’s going to be crazy, we’re doing like massive fucking venues, so to have started playing in little tiny dive bars and coffee shops, to wherever we could get booked, to now being in some arenas and big ass theaters is sick.

We’re playing the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, it’s a classy, beautiful and legendary spot. We’re doing the Bill Graham in San Francisco – that’s almost 9,000 people! You know, to sell out stuff like that is pretty fucking epic!

How is it when you go to your hometown to perform?

It’s always the best! Northern California always shows love anywhere. We’re just very different, the Bay’s just very supportive of our own – it’s a unique place culturally and it’s kind of like an island of culture. It’s different from the rest of California and the rest of the world for that matter, but we take pride in that and we support our own it’s very self-sufficient.

Stream G-Eazy’s ‘When It’s Dark Out’ via Spotify below.

  • Interviewer: Luis Cano
  • Photographer: Mat Abad
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