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Yesterday’s Twitter beef between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa has been so inescapable, so all-engrossing that your even dad probably knows about it. It’s one of those events where you’ll exactly remember where you were and what you were doing when ‘Ye started to throw shade.

Some joker was so quick to spot a business opportunity that they bought up the domain name “” and created some unofficial Twitter beef merchandise. In case you somehow happen to forget because of dementia or something, all 30 of his tweets have been immortalized on a T-shirt.

The site stocks three products: a white tee featuring the words “swish waves” (referencing the name change Kanye gave his forthcoming album) emblazoned on the front and his 30 tweets on the back. Another white tee bearing a photo of Max B, the guy who coined the term “waves” first (the rap-related waves, not the tidal phenomenon) scribbling over the tracklist of Kanye’s next album and “swish waves” on the back. And finally a plain white dad cap with “swish waves” on it.

The two tees go for $30 while the cap is listed for $40. Although considering there’s a 1-2 week waiting time for deliveries, it’s highly likely that none of these products even exist yet.

Head over to to place an order.

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