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Last season Italian designer Marco Laganà’s eponymous shoe line launched with a wry yet whimsical pop art inspired first delivery. Laganà, whose process is equal parts art and design, continues to be influenced by popular culture narratives and unique materials.

This season the designer returned with another conceptual line, dubbed “R.U.G.A.”, which is an acronym for “Rough Unique Grandparents’ Art”. As a child Laganà was fascinated by listening to the stories of his grandparents because they reflected  a unique cultural heritage and the sensibilities of a different period of time.

Additionally, the word “ruga” means wrinkle in Italian, thus making the collection a sort of double entendre that references both the physical effects of age and the hand feel of many of the collection’s materials. For instance, looks that feature textured leather are meant to represent seniority while velvet iterations indicate softness and youth. The overall intention of course is to strike the balance between old and new.

Scroll through the gallery to see the styles and visit Marco Laganà’s website to learn more about the brand.


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