i-D magazine’s premium wing, Amuse, sits down with #BEENTRILL co-founder Heron Preston to talk about his online concept store, HPC Trading Co., and selling ideas with Tom Sachs and Kanye West.

Having come up in the game bootlegging Givenchy and NASCAR and hanging out with Virgil Abloh, Preston became a consultant for YEEZY Season 1, which fast-tracked him to the forefront of the fashion industry.

Amuse cover plenty of ground in the interview, extracting saucy tidbits like dirt on his time at Nike…

“Fast forward a couple years to me working at Nike; I wasn’t happy there and Kanye knew that. He also knew I was talented and he liked my work. So one day it kind of just happened while I was on the phone with him he asked me to come work on YEEZY Season 1 in LA, and that was my first project.”

His thoughts on streetwear as a dirty word…

“I just recently declined sitting on a streetwear panel, because I simply hate the word.  They offered to pay me more money, and I still said no. It’s too narrow-minded and cheesy. I have many friends in that zone, and they are very successful and make money. It’s just not for me.”

And some musings on reappropriation…

“You can take something out of its context, give it a different meaning and it’s new again, and this is the time to do it.”

Head over to Amuse to read the interview in its entirety.

Words by Aleks Eror
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