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Fledgling Milanese label The Great Sartorial Uprising is in the business of delivering on its namesake. While disruptive may be too extreme a term to illustrate the brand’s end goal, it certainly aims to create some insurrection on the men’s fashion scene.

Unlike the modern-leaning athleisure and casual luxury looks we see dominating these days, TGSR looks to earlier in the 20th century for inspiration. Specifically Great Britain in the 1960s when the consumer mentality revolved around individualism, and fast fashion was yet to be the celebrity of the moment.

Focusing exclusively on the oft-forgotten waistcoat, TGSR crafts sartorial stories with high-quality fabrics and an obsessive emphasis on Italian tailoring traditions. Even while the past remains a major aesthetic linchpin, the label still modernizes its selections by incorporating hybrid elements.

For instance, though many of the patterns are distinctly English, the use of Italian tailoring (where longer looser silhouettes are the star), and the addition of workwear elements produces a handsome bricolage that falls perfectly between the then and now.

Learn more about The Great Sartorial Uprising’s waistcoats on the company website.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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