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Instagram continues to surge as today’s premiere social media network, having surpassed 400 million users in late September 2015. Of course, your feed is only as good as who you follow, meaning a strong set of accounts is paramount in getting the most out of Instagram. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or simply eye candy, IG is packed with incredible imagery from all over the world.

Continuing our 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow this Week feature, Highsnobiety’s Will Nichols and Pete Williams chose another five of their favorite personalities on Instagram. Be it portraits, landscapes, architecture or fashion, each of these accounts share amazing photos on a regular basis, so you’re sure to find someone new to keep your feed interesting.

Read on for our latest picks.

@karlhab / Followers: 10.4K / Joined: October 2011

Follows: @harrybeeenyc – Harry knows what aesthetic means, the colors of his pictures are always great and very richful . He’s always creative with his pictures.

Favorite Place to Shoot: L.A., why L.A.? The city has the particularity to be extremely large, it is not like the other cities I have visited. L.A. has a particular amount of light and beautiful colors, that makes me want to capture as much as I can with the camera. The first time I went there was in 2002, and I did not know that many years later this city would be my favorite so far.

Footwear of Choice: New Balance 997 / 998 / 1500, Vans, Converse

@stevenvogel / Followers: 8,600 / Joined: Sometime in 2013

Follows: @NASA – Nothing fascinates me more than science, especially space exploration. NASA is at the forefront of this, combined with the stunning visual imagery they show on IG it ticks off so many boxes for me. It’s the first account I check when I wake up. It fascinates me to no end.

Favorite Place to Shoot: I am usually at my desk, designing, drawing, writing – also, it’s a nice desk, a mid-century modern piece by a Belgian designer, made in 1961, and I managed to buy 2 at the time. It’s one of the few items that is actually precious to me. This desk, a total of 300 were made, was designed and produced for the foreign ministry in Belgium at the time.

Footwear of Choice: Black Chucks

@nickgirlando / Followers: 12.7K / Joined: 2011

Follows: One of my favorite accounts right now is definitely @wrongrob. He shoots New York in a way that’s a bit different from most. Being from New York I’m always inspired by the different perspective he’s able to capture.

Favorite Place to Shoot: My favorite place to shoot photos is Vancouver, Canada. The fact that you can be in the woods, in the city or in the mountains all within an hour blows me away and gives me and infinite amount of photos to capture.

Footwear of Choice: No matter where I’m at or what new kicks I cop or go after, I’ll always have a fresh pair of white Air Force 1 lows on me. I probably run through a pair every month, I’ve been rocking them for 20 years steady.

@briantron / Followers: 915 / Joined: February 2012

Follows: @abekislevitz – Abe was one of the first users I started following when I joined IG a few years back. This dude literally travels the globe and creates content for GoPro. It’s pretty inspiring to see where he started a few years ago, and where he is today.

Favorite Place to Shoot: Downtown LA – This city is filled with a ton of hidden gems. It’s nice being able to shoot in the city in the early morning before I head into the office, or shoot at night if I have some time after work.

Footwear of Choice: Vans Authentic. All day, everyday. I like keeping it low-key on my feet especially if I’m shooting for hours.

@itskaito / Followers: 7,630 / Joined: 2012

Follows: One of my favorite IG accounts is @perspec7ive his creativity and skill is amazing. The love and passion he shows for his work shows.

Favorite Place to Shoot: My hometown New Bedford, MA

Footwear of Choice: Yeezy Boost 350 “Moonrock”

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