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As a part of his new “The Future Was Then” exhibition in SCAD Museum of Art’s Pamela Elaine Poetter Gallery, Daniel Arsham has carved a 300-foot “Wall Excavation.” By digging through a series of faux-concrete walls, Arsham has surveyed the interaction between man and architecture, while destroying and re-purposing the man-made and natural world. At the end of the wall installation, the carvings become a silhouette of the human figure. Attendees can in turn walk through this series of walls and immerse themselves in the excavation.

Daniel Arsham’s “The Future Was Then” exhibit will be featured in SCAD (located in Savannah, Georgia) from now through July 24.

Also, take a look at Arsham’s recently-teased “Future Relic 04” film & plaster cassette tape.

Not NYC, not LA.

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