Where form meets function

My phone is an iPhone but why isn’t your phone a uPhone? Why, of all 26 letters in the alphabet, did Apple go with “i”? Why isn’t it capitalized?

Well, apparently, the i stands for Internet… which was pretty revolutionary in 1998, when it first appeared as the prefix to the iMac. Although that seems outdated now, seeing as we’re all swept up in the Internet of things and what not, hence the iShift in the christening of Apple TV and the Apple Watch.

But, unsurprisingly this meaning is multifaceted. According to Steve Jobs’ speech at the iMac’s launch, it also stands for individual, instruct, inform and inspire – timeless nouns and verbs that we can all get down with.

In other Apple news, apparently there’s a new iPhone – the 5SE on the way.

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