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Ahead of the 88th Academy Awards, which are taking place this Sunday, here we get a look at one of the coinciding awards categories, Best Visual Effects. The category was initiated back in 1927, but was first called Engineering Effects. After 1927, there was no such award until 1938 when it was for Outstanding Achievement in Creating Special Photographic and Sound Effects. The following year, the award was combined with sounds effects, and thus, recognized as the Award for Special Effects. Finally, in 1963, the category became what we know it to be today, the Award for Best Visual Effects. It has been given ever year since, with the exception of 1973. To get a look at each winner ever, press play above.

Who will take home the award this year? Be sure to check out all of the nominees.

Also, take a look at all of the Best Picture contenders in one insane supercut.

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