Tune in and turn up

One of the biggest underground internet sensations of the modern era, Yung Lean, has just released his sophomore album, Warlord. A polarizing rap figure, the Sad Boys leader’s transition from YouTube troll oddity to bonafide cult artist started after the release of his gauzy, Prozac-tinged 2014 debut LP, Unknown Memories.

Now, the Swedish 19-year-old is back in the game with a brand new project that still preserves the same trance-like, cloud rap sound of his first effort, but is still banging nonetheless. Lean continues to glaze his trademark lazy, nonsensical rap prose over booming, ethereal instrumentals and trappy 808 snares that come courtesy of Sad Boys beat maestro, Yung Gud.

No, Lean isn’t going to be winning any awards for his profound lyrical complexity, but the bucket hat-wearing, Gatorade-sipping Swede is sticking to his guns by whipping up an album that taps into the ethos of the Tumblr generation.

Stream Warlord below and be sure to cop some goods from Lean’s very own SBE Gear clothing line.

Words by Nico Amarca
Fashion Editor, North America
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