Downed networks and lost signals are the bane of most homes. Eero, a small San Francisco startup, has developed a WiFi system that not only simplifies the configuration process, but also promises an easy for fix for what are called “dead zones.”

Reliable connections can be realized by placing 1.3-inch-tall white Eero boxes throughout a home. Available in a set of three, the first needs to be plugged into a modem, where it acts as a router. An app will scour the space for locations it deems will cause the least amount of interference for additional units.

These eeros, which require power from a standard outlet, serve as access points and can change frequencies if obstructions are detected. They’re wirelessly connected to the hardwired eero via a mesh network, resulting in high-speed internet for all areas of the home.

To learn more, visit the eero website.

Staff Writer
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