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Screen Test is an in-house photo editorial series curated by Highsnobiety. Each edition highlights the best up-and-coming models and photographers from around the globe.

Date: January 2016
Location: Sydney, Australia

Subject: Polly Beeny
Age: 19
Profession: Model
Brands: Queen Justine Vintage, Epøkhe Eyewear
Make-Up Artist: Lianne Claire

Photographer: Chris Wilson
Shooting Since: 2010
Career Highlights: C-Heads, Highsnobiety, P Magazine, What Youth, The Adventure Handbook, The Outbound Collective, Freunde von Freunden, Yume, S-Magazine, Arsenic, Self-Control, Hangover, You are Fire & Acute

Vancouver-born, Berlin-based writer with a steady hand on the keyboard.

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