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11 more was a menswear label set up to “celebrate the collaborations of South African creatives,” but its founders couldn’t find time to juggle their day jobs with the demands of running a clothing label, so they’re sadly shutting the whole operation down.

The “Hungover” collection is the label’s final swan song, and is a nod to the fact that its founders’ unfulfilling lives drove them to drink, which inevitably left them consistently hungover and unable to nurture It features four white tees with an illustrated graphic on the back and “hungover” in cursive script on the front.

Each of the designs ties into the hungover theme. The Hangover Remedy tee, for example, features a grease-drenched burger, while “Too Hungover to Smoke With My Mouth” depicts a severed leg with a burning cigarette wedged between its toes.

The designs are irreverent, well drawn and are tinged with a certain wounded intimacy – a visual representation of failed aspirations. It’s incredibly human and bittersweet, and a real shame that it’s the last we’ll see from the label.

The range was selected as the winner of Jeff Staple’s’ “Skill Share” competition, and will be supplied in its entirety to Staple’s NYC-based store, Reed Space.

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Words by Aleks Eror
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