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BMW is a century old this year, and to celebrate its 100th birthday the German car manufacturer unveiled its concept car of the future: the “Vision Next 100.”

Featuring a design that looks like it was pulled directly from Tron, the Vision Next 100 is fitted with an augmented reality display windshield, and numerous other space age features and technology.

One of the most notable is a feature called Companion, which BMW explains is some sort of gemstone-like object that “symbolizes the intelligence, connectivity and availability” of the car that learns about the owner over time and can eventually “perform routine tasks” and “offer advice.” It moves depending on the car’s current mode, signaling to nearby pedestrians when it’s safe to cross in autonomous mode.

Although it looks pretty real in the above picture, the Vision Next 100 is nowhere near a reality. And no, it doesn’t fly, which is really beating around the bush on BMW’s part. Who cares about all this futuristic technology if it can’t fly?

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Words by Aleks Eror
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