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The beauty of a successful collaboration is the way in which it channels several points of view to render a complete picture that respects the individuality of the players while creating a sense of harmony.

In Montreal, on the W Hotel’s ground floor, a perfect example of such an alliance exists in Être Avec Toi, a restaurant whose first letters quite intentionally spell out “EAT.” The project has been described as “halfway between a gallery and a restaurant,” and strives to bring accessible art right to the dining table.

So who are the collaborative players responsible for the concept?

That would be MASSIVart creative agency, Sid Lee Architecture firm, and bpc, the husband and wife duo responsible for the much-lauded eatery Millesime, which is a retro lounge located inside New York’s Carlton Hotel.

As you’ll see in the gallery, the restaurant celebrates Montreal’s thriving arts scene by tapping city natives to lend their creative vision to the interior. In fact, through February there were even live painting sessions where guests and artists could freely interact.

Scroll through the gallery above to check out the art as well as some of the best dishes on offer.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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