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These days, Instagram stalking is a major pastime. Whether it’s because we feel intrigued, envious, or inspired, we just can’t help ourselves, and our obsession with the ‘Gram shows no sign of diminishing. Statistics state that ‘girl-crushes’ have gone up by 3000% since Instagram began (source: a guess by yours truly), and who are we to put a stop to that?

Prior to Instagram, girl-on-girl appreciation was usually reserved for celebrities, and perhaps the bartender at your favorite dive bar. Clearly, times have changed, and now, thanks to social media, we can freely follow the every move of our dream BFF without prompting a restraining order. The popularity of #WCW – which is used by women, as much, if not more, than men -demonstrates just how comfortable we girls are with sharing our adoration for the same sex.

To nurture your insatiable appetite for high-quality visual stimuli and to ensure your feed is a basic-bitch-free zone, here’s 10 must-follow females currently killing it on Instagram. So unfollow your ex, and perhaps a Kardashian or three, and light up the green buttons for this gang of super-stylish females.

Lotta Volkova Adam

Fashion’s favorite muse right now, as well as a stylist and DJ, Lotta Volkova is basically the coolest girl on Earth. Born in Vladivostok, Lotta is no doubt already on the radar of anyone who follows zeitgeist label Vetements, as she’s very much part of the collective – styling, consulting and casting for the brand. Volkova opened Vetements’ FW16 show in Paris herself, clutching a bouquet of flowers and donning a lace-collared dress.

Volkova’s personal style is an insane mash up of bondage gear, Soviet-era sportswear and disheveled evening gowns. We are very into it. Keeping up with Lotta and her Russian Fashion Mafia is a must.

Nadia Lee Cohen

This photographer conjures up bold, surreal worlds with her images, and places her favorite subject, women, in the center of them. Luckily for us, Nadia frequently stars in her own work, and the girl really knows how to work a prop.

Exotic birds, burgers, and berets all appear in Nadia Lee Cohen’s addictive Americana dreamland. Shout out to the girl who can make a Ronald McDonald wig look so good.

Sita Abellan

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Sita Abellan should have caught your eye for her wild style, hair-color evolution, and all-round don’t mess attitude. The self-styled “techno princess” is a model and DJ, and while that might not be the most unique combination, the Spanish babe’s visual identity is anything but standard.

It’s not hard to see why Sita was cast in Rihanna’s outrageous “Bitch Better Have My Money” video. If you haven’t already, then check Sita out in her style-monster totality – complete with bondage gear, contemporary streetwear and mismatched contact lenses.

Naomi Shimada

Naomi Shimada’s smile is a welcome relief from the usual conveyer belt of duck-faced pouting, and the model and writer has established herself as an inspiring spokeswoman for plus-size fashion, too. Her enviable wardrobe is unapologetically colorful and her confidence is in abundance. And when everything she does makes us want to double tap, why wouldn’t it be?

Dilara Findikoglu

London-based Dilara Findikoglu is a recent Central Saint Martins graduate, and represents her Turkish heritage via some exceptional fashion design. Her own Instagram is a dip into her printed and embellished style rebellion – think equal parts Gene Simmons, 17th-century aristocracy and ’70s pimp glamor. Actually don’t think, just follow.

Rewina Beshue

This San Francisco visual artist’s feed is a captivating mix of self portraits, artwork and shots of her stylish friends. Rewina Beshue’s vibrant colors and fondness for denim keeps her followers in constant admiration – follow this Insta-babe for a lesson in how to rock a primary color or two.

Josephine Pearl Lee

Also known as Princess Gollum, Josephine Peal Lee has her followers mesmerized with her unconventional looks and unsettling photography – we can’t help but appreciate her obscure styling, quirky face-pulling, and all round WTF?-ness. This social media star is guaranteed to invigorate your Instagram feed – double-tap into her uninhibited weirdness.

Tessa Kuragi

With her sharp, bobbed hair and otherworldly face and body, we can’t quite believe Tessa Kurgagi is real. The model keeps her followers up to date with her work, which frequently involves Shibari, bondage and fetishwear, but also likes to indulge in some dressing up of her own too. Peep Tessa’s account for a unique brand of kinky amazonian-anime hotness.

Brittany Byrd

This New York-based creative gets serious style points for her ability to successfully combine almost every look with a pair of Vans. Her menswear-heavy wardrobe features plenty of ripped denim, khaki and nostalgic band tees. Even with perfectly tousled pink hair, Brittany continues to wow the ‘Gram with her tomboy-esque excellence. Give her a follow for tips on effortless layering.

Laura Sfez

The designer and founder of L’ecole des Femmes uploads some seriously scrollable imagery. Laura Sfez fully embodies the philosophy of her clothing brand, where chic and sexy work together in impeccable harmony and her wardrobe of nostalgic uniform-style dresses and tough denim triggers envy in girls everywhere. The talented designer is rarely caught without puffing on a cigarette, and isn’t afraid to share her opinions on the ‘Gram, either.

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Words by Staff
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