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Set to debut at Milan Design Week 2016, Toyota’s “Setsuna” concept car snubs cutting-edge technology for a body made entirely of wood.

Constructed from 86 handmade wooden panels, the Setsuna muses on the concept of time, aging, and longevity. When it becomes in need of repairs, rather than replacing the entire body, new, individual panels can be put in place, transforming the car into an ever-evolving form.

Japanese cedar was chosen as the primary exterior material because of the refinement of its grain and its flexibility. Birch features in the chassis for its rigidity, while Japanese zelkova appears in the floor because of its strength and durability. Finally, castor aralia was used for the seats, by virtue of its super smooth texture.

But the Setsuna isn’t simply an object to be admired, it’s actually a fully-functional, drivable car. Watch it go for a spin below.

For the other end of the concept car spectrum, check out the self-driving Volvo “Concept 26.”

Words by Aleks Eror
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