In Japan, a burger doesn’t fulfill its purpose by simply being tasty or filling, it seemingly has to be an unusual color too. It should come as little surprise that the country that pioneered the black burger now debuts a pink one that pays tribute to Sailor Moon.

The “Sailor Moon Special Burger” will be available from a Sailor Moon-theme pop-up cafe that’s set to open in Tokyo’s Roppongi district on April 16. From what we can see in this picture, it will contain a beef patty, lettuce, a McDonald’s-esque egg, and a couple of two incredibly thick slices of bacon squeezed between a pair of pink buns. Star-shaped tater tots are served as a side.

Want one? Well aside from a plane ticket, you’ll have to shell out roughly $15. Novelty evidently comes at a steep price.

In other Japanese burger news, you can now get a “Giga Big Mac” at McDonald’s in Japan.

Words by Aleks Eror
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