Just over a week ago it was officially confirmed that after four years at the helm of the brand, Hedi Slimane would be leaving Saint Laurent. Not only has the designer changed the name of the brand from Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent, it is hard to argue that little to no designers had as much impact on the brands they are working for on an image and a sales perspective than Hedi Slimane did at Saint Laurent the last few years. Further more it was confirmed that Anthony Vaccarello would be leaving Versace and take over Hedi’s post.

This week in a strange move, Saint Laurent went ahead and deleted the full Hedi Slimane era on its Instagram account, now only featuring a picture of the new creative director, Anthony Vaccarello.


Being ready for a new direction is one thing, but not acknowledging anymore your very successful past seems like a strange thing to do. Or is it just symbolic to wipe the slate clean and start over? No matter how you look at it, it seems like a strange move. What do you think?

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