Free runner-cum-gymnast-cum-Hollywood stunt dude Damien Walters is one of those adrenaline-addled human beings that needs to put themselves in extreme, potentially life-ending situations to truly feel alive. Case in point: the above video, where he backflips over a speeding Formula E car.

For those that haven’t heard of Formula E before, it’s the eco-friendly, electric-powered younger cousin of Formula 1. In the video, we see Damien take to the E track, practicing about a million backflips as a Formula E car speeds past him. A video team is on hand, filming each flip from the side to see if he manages to clear each practice flip, or if he’d get flattened if it was the real thing.

Inevitably, as with most things in life, practice makes perfect and… well… have a watch and get your palms sweaty. But, like the WWE, don’t try it at home with your mom’s station wagon.

For more flips and tricks, watch extreme skiers transform Boston into a ski park below.

Words by Aleks Eror
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