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From policy to recreational use, cannabis culture has become a hot topic in New York.

While federal law in the United States classifies cannabis (or marijuana) as a Schedule 1 drug, the federal government has essentially left it to states to decide their own medicinal and recreational cannabis use policies. And while more than 20 states have medicinal cannabis laws in the books, less than a handful have legalized its recreational use by adults.

We discuss the current state of cannabis policy in New York with three guests.

Jay, founder of the Cannabis Cooperative, discusses cannabis policy and how his national advocacy board are undertaking initiatives to promote the medicinal use of cannabis. Hawaii Mike is the founder of Chef For Higher. He hosts a series of dinner parties called “Dinner is Dope” featuring multi-course meals with cannabis-infused food. Jason Pinsky is the founder of Cannastract, a cannabis-extract based company. He discusses the finer points of concentrates and the connections between hippie and hip-hop cultures.

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