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Sandra Gering Inc.‘s latest group exhibition, titled “Tech-né-color,” examines the use of color and technology by artists like Peter Halley, Todd James, KAWS, Ryan McGinness, Karim Rashid, John F. Simon, Jr. and Leo Villareal. Technology has been used to redefine the medium for years now, but purists have been wary that it can undervalue the authenticity of an artist’s hand.

However, its universal presence is hard to ignore. So rather than shun it, Sandra Gering Inc., since its inception, has helped to advocate for the merging of both disciplines. This can be seen in sculptured works by KAWS and Xavier Veilhan, who realized their works by using the latest fabrication methods, John F. Simon, Jr.’s custom-coded, plastic software panel, and Leo Villareal’s LED-lit Buckyball, which can shift endless color possibilities by way of simple binary coding.

The”Tech-né-color” exhibition will be open to the public until June 11.

Sandra Gering Art Gallery
14 E 63rd St
New York, NY 10065

  • Photographer: Thomas Welch / Highsnobiety
Staff Writer
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