Out in the real world news is happening and here are the highlights.

Trump will probably win in Indiana

Although no one actually took Ted Cruz’s challenge for the republican nomination seriously except for Cruz’s wife, his faintest of hopes are pinned solely on tomorrow’s primary in Indiana. The forecast doesn’t look good, though: polls suggest that Trump leads by 15 percentage points, pretty much assuring him the nomination (which we’ve all known for months now, really).

Donors losing hope in Sanders

The U.S. presidential race has made for miserable viewing thus far, and its one redeeming facet has been the fact that Bernie Sanders campaign held on for a full year funded purely from small donations averaging $26 from real people. But with his path to the nomination narrowing, donors are losing hope, with pledged donations dropping to $25.8 million last month – a fall of 40%.

Social media protests erupt over Syrian bloodshed

With Bashar al-Assad refusing to play by the rules of a bilaterally agreed ceasefire, preferring instead to shower NGO-run hospitals with rockets, Facebook users are sticking it to him the only way they know how: by threatening to deactivate their accounts. Or at least change their profile pictures, if deactivation seems too rash.

CIA scorned for Twitter-based recreation of Bin-Laden raid

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Osama Bin-Laden’s assassination, the CIA decided to tweet what it would’ve live tweeted had the whole operation not been totally top secret. The internet however, was not impressed.

Berlin bans AirBnB

A new law comes into effect in Berlin today: Europe’s favorite weekend clubbing destination has banned renting apartments over AirBnB in an attempt to combat the housing crisis that grips the city’s most appealing neighborhoods – which is great news for the dingy hostel industry.

Highlights from Obama’s White House correspondent’s dinner speech

On the one night of the year when journalists and politicians don their best fakes smiles and conceal their contempt for each other, Obama made some great and some terrible jokes in his White House correspondent’s dinner speech. Some Ted Cruz-based mockery was a particular highlight.

  • Image: Reuters / Charles Mostoller
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