As any meme maven knows, there are few things in this world as entertaining and absurd as an unfiltered interview with rapper Riff Raff. The rapper/lifestyle icon is a goldmine of life advice and witticisms that ride the line between the insane and the profound. He gives plenty of both in a new video from web series First We Feast, where he chugs beer, slams hot wings and gives details on his upcoming album Peach Panther.

There is a lot of information that gets addressed over the course of the 15-minute clip, such as the secrets to his rapid weight gains (and losses). Among the most revealing is his intimate stories of his bromance with Justin Bieber, which culminated in a rap session in the back of his car. He also talks about his connection with his new pet Huskie puppy, his dreams of pro-wrestling, and his “Jacuzzi-diamonds” grills.

Peach Panther is out on June 24, but you can pre-order it on iTunes now.

In related chicken/absurdity news, KFC just unveiled an edible nail polish.

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