In the next installment in our series taking a look at some of the artists that took part in this year’s Brighton Tattoo Convention, we speak to Tiny Miss Becca, a former art school student who turns the typically cute into high tattoo art.

Today I caused @joeheeney all the pain .. Thanks for being a great client the last 6/7 years ?

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Tiny Miss Becca comes from a background in sculptural art, for a time even considering attending Britain’s Royal Academy. As fate would have it, she found herself as a traveling tattoo artist, migrating from shop to shop around England before opening her own, Jayne Doe, in Essex.

If there is a theme to any of her work, it may be in the cuteness of her subjects. Animals and natural life (particularly kittens) appear often, as does the occasional ice cream cone. But where these figures would appear kitschy or unappealing in the hands of other tattoo specialists, Becca’s work is marked by its intricate, illustrative quality, bringing high art to the cuddliest of subjects.

From April 30-May 1, the Brighton Tattoo Convention took place in the iconic English seaside town and rounded up some of the best tattoo artists in the world.

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