Tune in and turn up

Last year when Grimes (Claire Boucher) took over SiriusXMU, she ended up revealing that the song “California” on her Art Angels album had nothing to do with the sunny state Katy Perry believes has the most unforgettable women. According to her, it’s actually a saccharinely-worded hate song directed at Pitchforkand perhaps music media in general. In the past the singer has opened up about her discontent over the misinterpretation of her lyrics and her rhetoric.

Today she dropped the accompanying visuals, which feature a slightly altered version of the original song. The video, directed by Boucher and her brother, sees costumed versions of the singer interacting in and with different landscapes. In some scenes she’s a beret-wearing art school student dancing jovially amongst Roman busts while in other moments she channels her inner Dolly Parton, cowboy boots and all. At one point she even seems to be somewhere between a Shakespearean tragedy and an acid trip in wonderland. It’s a very Grimes affair. Press play to enjoy.

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