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I know that it’s officially spring because my co-op board voted to switch the building over to air conditioning. The super cool thing about living in a co-op is you realize that adults have opinions about when other adults should be allowed to turn on their air conditioning. It’s cool though, I’m moving soon.

We threw a party for my girlfriend in our building’s community room and now everyone knows where I live, so obviously I have to move. I live a better life when a large percentage of my friends and family have no clue where I reside. So, while I look for new places to live, you guys check out this stuff I saw.

Do you guys ever wish you could be a part of a friends and family release? It’s like the closest thing to making flow on a team in fashion. Here’s another friends and family release you’re not allowed to have. Our very own Highsnob teamed up with Vans for these very nice Old Skools. There’s only 100 pairs of these sneakers, so instead of trying to get a pair, just try to get friends that actually make things for a living to give to you for free.

I fucking love Maharishi. The brand is always just conceptual enough, while maintaining a really strong core aesthetic. LMAO, just kidding. I love this brand because one time I was wearing a Maharishi bubble down vest in Montreal and this really pretty girl who worked at Holt Renfrew noticed that the camo pattern itself was a series of goose feathers and then she bought me a beer. Then my friend got kicked out of the bar when a bunch of drugs fell out of his pocket when he tried to pay for a drink. So, buy some Maharishi and pretty girls who work at Holt Renfrew will buy you drinks. Either way, various narcotics will inevitably fall out of your friends’ pockets.

I feel like wings + horns always does a really good job with their footwear collaborations. Everything from the George Cox creepers to these “deconstructed” New Balance 580s. The whipstitch heel is so dope. Plus, I’m a sucker for any sneaker with a sock liner. I don’t know why sock liner technology makes me feel like a background character in Ghost in the Shell, but it does. Plus, I need a supportive and grippy REVlite sole so I can break ankles in the prepared food section of Whole Foods. You better believe I’m getting the first seven samosas out the oven before Sharon, fresh from ClassPass, can even realize it’s 10 dollar pizza Wednesday.

Hometown heroes Revive teamed up with Fuct to re-release some classic graphics from the ’90s. These all make me want to wear a slightly larger white t-shirt underneath, with the white peeking out at the sleeves and hem. I don’t know about you guys, but that particular look was killing it in Michigan. These shirts make me think of Jordan Catalano and the Delias catalog. I have to stop my ’90s nostalgia there, or I will start to remember that I had a center parting in the ’90s. I think god made me go bald as punishment for having a center parting.

See you well-groomed gents (and lady gents) next week…

— Jon Moy

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