Out in the real world news is happening and here are the highlights.

Trump overtakes Clinton in polls for the first time ever

Polite society has smugly dismissed Trump’s unstoppable rise as a mere indicator of the inherent inhumanity of republican voters for months now, self-assured in their belief that he would be crushed in a national showdown by pretty much anybody. If you subscribe to this school of thought, start panicking: Trump has finally overtaken Hilary Clinton in head-to-head polls with a 0.2% lead. – The Guardian.

Ne0-Nazis lose Austrian election

Norbert Hofer, the presidential candidate for Austria’s extremely far-right Freedom Party narrowly missed out on the country’s highest political office by a mere 0.6% – a difference of just 30,000 individual votes. His opponent, Alexander Van Der Bellen, leader of the Green Party couldn’t be more different with his liberal-leanings, so it seems like danger was averted. Or was it? Austria is evidently a viciously polarized nation, a mere 0.6% away from savagery. – New York Times.


Facebook bans model’s photos for being too fat

An Australian feminist group that posted an image of plus-sized model, Tess Holliday, found the photo taken down by Facebook moderators because it depicted “body parts in an undesirable manner,” which is somehow against its ad guidelines. Basically, no body, regardless of its size can be depicted as perfect or desirable, rather the focus has to be on the physical act of exercizing. – The Guardian.

Britain is losing its religion

Atheists finally outnumber Christians in England and Wales, making them the biggest faith group in the two countries, despite having no faith whatsoever. 48.5% of people don’t ascribe to any sort of religion, compared to the 43.5% who describe themselves as Christians, according to 2014 polls – up from 25% in 2011. – The Independent.

Utah lawmakers want porn blockers on phones

Lawmakers in Utah are trying to bring in porn blockers on all smartphones, stating that “a cell phone is basically a vending machine for pornography.” To prevent kids, who pretty much all have smartphones these days, from accessing online porn, Utah’s politicians want to telecom providers to block porn access by default, pushing users of legal age into opting-in for the service. – TechCrunch.

India tests its first reusable space shuttle

Right now, space shuttles have the disposability of condoms, and each one can take you on a single voyage into the cosmos. India’s space agency, however, is looking to change that and drastically reduce the cost of space exploration. Yesterday, it successfuly tested its first reusable space shuttle, the RLV-TD. – engadget.

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Words by Aleks Eror
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